EdA Esempi di Architettura International Research Center was founded in 2015 by the will of its founders and the main purpose is the promotion and the valorization of interdisciplinary and dialogue between the “creative sciences” i.e. those activities that require an intellectual application and whose production, material and immaterial at the same time is characterized by particular values of content. The President is Prof. Dr. Olimpia Niglio


We are talking about art, architecture, music, literature, the anthropic landscape, the human sciences. The activities, promoted by the Research Center, will be oriented towards the socio-cultural growth of the community. For this reason, the Research Center will be structured so as to make available to the user a set of basic services which will be added to other types of complementary services, in order to ensure ample space for the multidisciplinary value of activities put in the field. The Research Center will be the site of design conception but also the place of promotion and realization of proposals and programs envisaged by external actors, both public and private. The activities of the Center will be developed according to pervasive methods that can operate in contexts aimed at innovation and thus establish a dialogue between the different disciplinary sectors and such to generate processes of scientific and technological development.

The Center, in correlation with this purpose, will be able to carry out communication, information and editorial activities, necessary and useful to the attainment of the prescribed purposes, and to participate in other associations with a similar object and can promote and participate in federations of similar associations, with the prohibition to carry out activities other than those mentioned above, except those directly related thereto. The Center can offer consultancy and management services for cultural institutions (libraries, local ethno-anthropological, archaeological and religious museums, exhibition sites, archives) that require specific services to enhance their heritage.

EdA Esempi di Architettura International Research Center has signed international research agreements with: LEMIT Centro de Investigación y Desarrollo en la temática de la Tecnología de los Materiales para la Ingeniería Civil y los Procesos de Solidificación, La Plata, Argentina; HORIZONTES DE ARQUITECTURA Centro de Investigación para fortalecer la enseñanza de la arquitectura, el respeto a los valores arquitectónicos de las comunidades y cuidado del medio ambiente, Oaxaca, México; RED DE INVESTIGACIÓN URBANA, A. C. – RNIU, Departamento de Investigaciones Arquitectónicas y Urbanísticas (DIAU), Benemérita Universidad Autónoma de Puebla 4 sur 104 Centro Histórico, México; MUPAAC, Máster Universitario en Proyecto Avanzado de Arquitectura y Ciudad, Universidad de Alcalá, Spain; MHYDA, MEMORIA HISTÓRICA Y DEMOCRÁTICA DE ALICANTE, Spain; VITRUVIO, Journal is an international research journal publishing articles with links to architectural technology and sustainability, Universitat Politécnica de Valéncia, Spain. ICOMOS COLOMBIA,International Council on Monuments and Sites, Colombia;
YIJUN INSTITUTE OF INTERNATIONAL LAW , Seoul, Republic of Korea in collaboration with Atelier Seoul; Prof. Alejandro González Milea, Universidad Autónoma de Ciudad Juárez, Mexico; CENTRO DE ESTUDIOS Y GESTIÓN DEL PATRIMONIO UNIVERSIDAD DE VALPARAÍSO, Valparaíso, Chile.