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ISSN [electronic version]: 2035-7982

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The scientific and cultural project EDA has identified its aim in the thought of Werner Heisenberg, Nobel Prize for the Physics in 1932

... It is probably true quite generally that in the history of human thinking the most fruitful developments frequently take place at those points where two different lines of thought meet. These lines may have their roots in quite different parts of human culture, in different times or different cultural environments or different religious traditions: hence if they actually meet, that is, if they are at least so much related to each other that a real interaction can take place, then one may hope that new and interesting developments may follow.





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E' nata una nuova sezione dedicata ai bambini

a cura di Riccarda Bernacchi e Lucia Morelli


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Il Monastero di S. Agostino in Vicopelago |  Lucca   [agosto 2018]


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Conflictos turísticos: conceptos, casos, tendencias




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Ultimi Articoli

Honda (Colombia)
The main objective of this article is to establish the transformation and development that produced the city of Honda-Tolima as the axis of modernization during the nineteenth century, highlighting navigation to steam, merchandise and travelers to link them with the sociocultural context in the that the city developed and the way in which it participated in the construction of a nation in the Colombian territory. Honda had a meaning during the nineteenth century that went beyond being another river port on the Magdalena River, to become the most important of all, in regard to the transport of people and goods, for its strategic position within the country due to the abrupt topography that Colombia presented at that time. When talking about axis of modernization we are referring specifically to the multimodal transport (Navigation, Railway and Aviation) in the country, in which this aspect helped the construction of nation in the XIX-XX century and the beginning of the XXI century, this is why the Magdalena River became the communication channel towards the interior of the country and, Honda, at the same time, it became the hinge or door of modernization of goods and people coming from Europe.

Keywords: Heritage, Multimodal transport, Honda historic center, Axis of modernization.

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Las Eichler Homes en California (EE.UU. 1949-1966)
Within the large number of examples of housing and developments that could explain the phenomenon of the middle class house in the American suburbs since the mid-forties (coinciding with the end of the II World War), Eichler Homes in California was especially interested in exploring multiple housing possibilities, recovering the patio or atrio as the fundamental piece of domestic functional and architectural organizations.

Keyword: Eichler Homes, Mid-XX century houses, Patio

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El patio de la vivienda rural
The text shows an analysis of the rural courtyard. To this end, the community of San Nicolas de Esquiros was chosen, since this is an ex-hacienda that was appropriate for its peasants.
The rural courtyard is a space that condenses the being and living peasant, result of a logic of the daily living and the needs of the family unit that has always needed of pluri-functions for its subsistence and of social events that reinforce the unit Family and the community. Then, the rural courtyard materializes and represents the practical-utilitarian function and the social-symbolic function. However, the spatiality of the former treasury and the institutional lines of housing programs, have significantly impacted the shaping of this space, although it seems to be struggling to keep.

Keywords: Rural courtyard, rural houses, social- symbolic function, ex hacienda.

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Precisiones sobre arquitectura religiosa contemporanea
The book ''Precisiones sobre arquitectura religiosa contemporanea'' by Esteban Fernandez-Cobian analyzes the symbolic meaning of religious architecture. The author proposes an interesting reflection on the meaning and interpretation of the holy place that invites the reader to go beyond the plastic appearance of the same architecture and look for its true values. This review anticipates some of the issues covered in the volume.

Keywords: Religious architecture, sacred value, cosmology, symbolism, contemporary.

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The symbolic spaces of the city. The legacy of Aldo Rossi in Germany
This essay proposes a reflection on the legacy of Aldo Rossi, in the belief that his scientific contribution was not exhausted and concluded in his works and writings, but continues to be current and valid even just over ten years from his death. For this reason, it proposes a comparison, through a taxonomic reading3 of the symbolic spaces of the city, between Aldo Rossi and the German architect Uwe Schroeder, that, as will be argued within the text, belong to the same family of minds.

Key-words: City, Symbolic spaces, Aldo Rossi and Uwe Schroeder.

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