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Redesign of the Lenin Memorial Zone in Ulyanovsk, Russia

The degree project ''Redesign of the Lenin Memorial Zone in Ulyanovsk, Russia'' focuses on revitalizing the Lenin Memorial Zone and converting it into a museum complex titled ''The Epoch of the USSR.'' Designing the Interactive Center, titled the ''Global Experiment Laboratory,” will be a starting point for the creation of the Museum Complex in the Lenin Memorial Zone and to regenerate the whole city center. The field of interest of different parties, such as citizens, regional economic planners and federal authorities, will be discussed.
Urban development problems of the central part of Ulyanovsk, as well as their consequences, were analyzed and recognized as being typical for many cities of the former Soviet Union. Solving such problems as the degradation of environmental quality, city center decay, a lack of identity, lack of residents` involvement, huge unused spaces, inconvenience and the alienation of urban design will increase residents' quality of life, sense of security and participation and thus will make the city center attractive.
The central part of the city has long been in need of an upgrade, a new material-cultural layer, and the energy of the 21st century. But the near-positive effects of modernization that create a new identity can cause problems, including the definition of cultural value and handling the Soviet heritage. Aspects of maintaining a historical balance will be mentioned.
The degree project is also considered an example of the transformation of the Ulyanovsk cultural potential on the threshold of the centennial of the Great October Socialist Revolution of 1917 and also as an example of the creation of a tourist destination.

Keywords: Ulyanovsk, Lenin Memorial Zone, Post-Soviet cities, urban space regeneration, cultural potential, museum of the USSR

Redesign of the Lenin Memorial Zone in Ulyanovsk, Russia

Anna Vladimirova

Ulyanovsk State Technical University, Ulyanovsk, Russia




In the context of globalization, interest in a regional identity is growing as well as an interest in the history of the period of the Soviet Union and its historical perspectives. Thus, a strong need for the creation of a Museum of the USSR as a museum of a completed epoch has become obvious. The historical center of the city of Ulyanovsk contains a variety of unique cultural heritage resources of the Soviet period, which could be converted into a museum complex with the theme of the USSR. This museum complex is needed to awaken the collective memory of the people, to extend an understanding of their own identity, and to broaden their views on the past, present and future of the country. In the past decades the theme of regeneration of urban space in post-Soviet cities has become very important. Common aspects of the urban environment of many cities as well as individual city phenomena require study. After decades of sprawling and uneven development of cities, a need to escape from the degradation of the urban environment and to create a more compact heterogeneous urban space has revealed itself.

A newly defined creative class with its modern views on an urban environment is beginning to become active in a city space. With the location of the Museum of the USSR in the city center of Ulyanovsk, it becomes possible to overcome the crisis of identity, to create a new image of the city, to regenerate the urban environment, to include communities in the city as a social action, and to outline the prospects of the city development, thus creating an attractive, livable and living city.

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