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The research called “Smart Shading” aimed to show how an intervention on the last finishing layer of the exterior walls can lead to a significant increase in the value of the whole building in terms of environmental quality and improvement of thermal insulation performance. The project has been developed by Iuav University of Venice, “Color and Light in Architecture” Research Unit, Veneto Region, Materis Paints Italia SpA and CERT Treviso Tecnologia (now T2i).
In the first part, the paper aims to show a summary of the goals of the research for the development of “Smart Shading” facade finishing. In the second part it aims to deal with the possible applications of the finish. In particular we want to show the importance of these tool for the requalification, regeneration and valorization of the architectural envelope of buildings, realized in the second half of the twentieth century, that are worthy to receive interventions for improvement.

Keywords: Sustainable coatings, smart technologies, environmental quality


Alessandro Premier

IUAV University of Venice: Dept. of Design and Planning in Complex Environments




The research “Smart Shading” was founded with the goal of identifying new technological solutions for the protection of the external walls of the buildings from the summer sunshine, possibly through the application of innovative materials and technologies. Smart Shading project was developed in collaboration between Iuav University of Venice and the operating partner Materis Paints Italia SpA between March 2012 and March 2013. Materis Paints Italia SpA, with its brand “Settef”, is a global leader in the Italian market of paintings for buildings. The strength of Settef production are the finishing solutions for exterior “overcoat” insulating systems.

As part of the PRIN 2008 research "Requalification, regeneration and valorization of high-intensity social housing built in suburban areas in the second half of the '900" the results of the work conducted by the Research Unit of Iuav University of Venice, composed by Pietro Zennaro, Katia Gasparini and Alessandro Premier, have shown that the ultimate physic layer of buildings, that is, their outer coating layer, plays a strategic role for the enhancement of the entire building complex. The importance of what is often called "the ultimate sacrifice layer" mainly revolves around the following aspects (Zennaro, Gasparini, Premier, 2012):

a. Better protection of the underlying layers;

b. Redefining the appearance of the building;

c. Increased thermal insulation performance.

These issues involve the following effects on the whole building:

- Increase the useful life of the building (a);

- Increase in the value of the property (b, c);

- Increased environmental quality (b, c);

- Improved micro-climatic comfort (c).


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