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The empirical approach in the evolution of bridge and structure

This paper illustrates the result of a study concerning the design and modeling of structures of the famous Italian engineer Pier Luigi Nervi (1891-1979). His approach in studying and in building a large amount of structure, has a theoretical base, never investigated deeply. From an analysis of the documents and from a comparison among diverse buildings by Nervi, it is possible to recognize his innovative theory, in which structure and architecture are the subject of the art of making buildings: the theory of practice

The empirical approach in the evolution of bridge and structure
design: the contribution of Pier Luigi Nervi
Alessio Pipinato
Università degli Studi di Padova

Pier Luigi Nervi, (Sondrio 1891, Roma 1979), has been recognized as a pioneer of concrete construction. In 1913, after the degree in civil engineering, he worked in a Construction Society in Bologna for ten years. In 1920 he founded his own firm with eng. Nebbiosi in Rome. Then the crucial step in his life: the idea to found his own construction society, in 1932, with his cousin, the engineer Bartoli. This firm worked till 1978. Among recognized well known constructions we can mention: the municipal stadium, Florence; two hangars, Orvieto; six precast hangars, Orvieto; Unesco site, Paris; Pirelli center, Milan; sport palace, Rome; Corso Francia viaduct, Rome; Vatican building, Vatican City.


Nervi was very famous also for his practical approach in structure design. They are well known his words: “It is necessary that architecture play an important role, and that architects, engineers, constructors, students, has the consciousness of the necessity that in designing, executing and judging an architectonic opera, they have to consider abstract and material values that comes with it. An important role in this process, is that particular sector that we can now define architectonic structure.
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